Try These Activities On Your Rebounder Trampoline

Buying a rebounder trampoline gives you a simple fitness device that you can use to work out in the comfort of your own home. Whether you set aside a specific time each day to bounce, or you make a point of bouncing when you're watching TV in the evening, you'll be able to notice some improvements in your cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength. While you can have lots of fun simply bouncing up and down on the rebounder in the standard way, you might eventually want to explore some additional forms of exercise. Here are three other activities that can work well as an alternative to standard bouncing.


If you're the type of person who loves dancing, you probably know how this form of exercise can be a good way to stay in shape. You're likely accustomed to dancing on solid ground, but it can be fun to experiment with dancing on your rebounder trampoline. While you'll need to be mindful of your feet so that you stay in the center of the bouncing surface, there are all sorts of dance moves that you can perform as you bounce. Consider putting a playlist of assorted songs on and dancing in a different style to each song.


If you've ever taken a cardio boxing class at a local fitness center, you're probably aware of how good of a cardiovascular exercise this activity can be. Boxing is another type of activity that you can easily perform on your rebounder trampoline. In your boxing stance, you can bounce up and down without moving front or back or side to side, which will make it easy to stay in the center of the trampoline's surface. Throwing different bunch combinations into the air will help to work your upper body's muscles while you bounce.

Jumping Rope

Once you get experienced with bouncing on your rebounder trampoline and you're looking for a new challenge, you may wish to experiment with jumping rope. Jumping rope is a good way to elevate your heart rate, much like bouncing on a rebounder. When you pair the two exercises together, you'll be impressed at how many times you may be able to pass the rope beneath your feet while you're in the air. This is an activity that you'll likely want to perform outdoors, as a standard ceiling can get in the way of your rope as it passes over your head.

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Buying a rebounder trampoline gives you a simple fitness device that you can use to work out in the comfort of your own home. Whether you set aside a

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