5 Benefits For Your Children When They Attend Summer Day Camp

One huge benefit that parents have when sending their children to day camps in the summer months when they're on break from school is that the parents know the children are entertained and being kept out of trouble while the parents are at work. The benefits for the children are so much broader and more beneficial. Here are five ways the children benefit from attending day camps during the summer break from school. 

  1. Stay Off Their Electronics. With all of today's technology, people of all ages are plugged in and always have an electronic device on them. It's become almost impossible to go anywhere or do anything without having a mobile device of some kind without reach and turned on. While children may still be permitted to have their cell phones turned on and on them, depending on the rules of the day camp, they will be engaged with real people and have real experiences in real life. 
  2. Have New Experiences. At day camp, they'll have new experiences that they otherwise wouldn't have. They'll exercise, play, learn, craft, climb, swim, and sing. They'll get to interact with others their age and with their camp counselors who are usually high school students or college-aged. This gives them the opportunity to learn new things and gain new perspectives from others.
  3. Breath Fresh Air. They'll spend more time outdoors than they would if they stay at home, particularly as a latch-key child. Being outdoors and exercising will give them a healthy dose of vitamin D and much-needed fresh air, which no doubt is beneficial to their physical well-being and their mental health. 
  4. Make Friends & Acquaintances. They'll make friends with the other children who attend the day camp. Even if they don't become very close friends with the other children, they'll at the very least become familiar with them, which can help them break the ice with the particular children later in life should they run into them again, such as when they start junior high together. 
  5. Create Memories. They'll create memories that will stay with them. They can always look back and remember some part of the day camps they attended. They may bring home memorabilia, so be sure to hang on to favorite items that they may want to have as keepsakes, such as a painted rock or a tie-dyed camp t-shirt. 

When scouting around for a day camp for your children to attend during the summer, keep these types of things in mind so your children can have a well-rounded experience and you can have peace of mind.  

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One huge benefit that parents have when sending their children to day camps in the summer months when they're on break from school is that the parents