3 Exercises You Can Do If You Have Osteoporosis

Do you currently suffer from osteoporosis but are looking for ways to get more exercise into your daily routine that are safe and effective? Here are some exercises that you should try to add some much-needed movement to your daily routine while also improving your bone density


Do not underestimate how effective walking can be. It is a great exercise that uses the muscles in your hips and legs. You work on balance, and it will improve your overall bone density. However, it's important to start out slow if you have not been walking in a while. Start by going around the block and work yourself up to farther distances over time. You can also use a treadmill if you are feeling up to it and are able to do so safely. Just make sure that you use the safety mechanisms that will stop the treadmill from moving if you fall off of it.


It's possible to safely do squats at home using a chair as a way to stay safe. Start by using your arms to lift yourself up and then sit back down in the chair. You will eventually work your way up to using one arm, and then no arms with your arms crossed against your chest. You can also stand behind a chair and use the back for balance, and another chair behind you for safety in case you fall. The nice thing about doing squats is that it is a very practical exercise. It's how you bend down to pick things off the floor, so it will help improve these practical things in your daily life.

Do you have access to an inflatable exercise ball? For those looking for more advanced squats, try putting the exercise ball against the wall with your back resting against the ball. Spread your legs apart and squat by rolling the ball downward against the wall.

High Steps

You can simulate the act of going up and down stairs by doing high marching. This can be done by standing next to a chair and resting one hand on it for balance. You will then step in place by bringing your knees as high as they can comfortably go. You will be surprised at how tired your body will get from doing these for just a few minutes.

Want more exercise tips for osteoporosis? Reach out to a specialist in your area for more information. 

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