A Total Body Workout For Beginners

A full body exercise routine will target muscles in various parts of your body. Common exercises such as squats, jumping jacks, push-ups, and weight lifting movements can be included in each routine and you won't require a lot of extra equipment to complete each session. Prepare an exercise plan, complete a warm up technique, and use a targeted approach during each full body session.

An Exercise Plan

An individual who works out daily and has been training for a while will require a more challenging routine than someone who is just starting out or who has not received any type of fitness training in the past. Weight, age, and overall health will also have a bearing on the intensity of an exercise program.

Seek an exercise plan through a fitness trainer. A trainer will help you reach the fitness goal that you have in mind and will prepare a plan that will be adequate for your daily caloric intake. Someone who consumes a high-protein diet or who is attempting to build muscle mass may need to do more repetitions or lift heavier weights than someone who is trying to lose weight and tone parts of their body. Be clear about your overall goal when consulting with a trainer and seek an exercise plan that you can complete from home or while outdoors.

A Warm Up Session

Use a warm-up session to get your muscles loosened up and ready for exercise. Walking in place or doing leg and arm stretches will aid with preparing for a high-intensity workout. Look over the list of exercises that are part of your plan prior to completing the warm-up session or any of the targeted exercises.

Practice doing a couple repetitions of each exercise and determine if any training aids or equipment will assist with performing the workout. A mat can be used during floor exercises and free weights that weigh a few pounds each can be used to complete some basic weightlifting techniques. If you do not have access to weights, uses some jugs that are filled with water or some large cans instead.

Your muscles will be sore after your initial workout and you may want to rest the following day. Complete the full body workout a few times each week and space out the exercise sessions so that you have a full day to rest after completing each one. Track your progress and increase the number of repetitions that you complete for each exercise technique if you discover that the original exercise routine isn't challenging enough.

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