3 Reasons Resistance Bands Are Must-Have Equipment

Resistance bands come in various styles, such as loops or large rolls that allow you to cut off the amount you need, and a range of resistance levels. This fitness equipment is often overlooked in favor of weights, but there are several reasons bands should be part of your fitness routine.


Due to the small size of resistance bands, they are extremely portable. Since many people find difficulties keeping up with their workout routine because they live busy lives, using bands eliminates this problem. Additionally, if you are unmotivated to exercise, it is easy to do some strength-training while you are working at your desk or sitting in front of the TV. When you can keep yourself mentally busy during workouts, it makes exercising feel less like a chore, and you are more likely to work toward your goals. People who live in a small apartment or on the upper levels will also find resistance bands do not take up space like other pieces of equipment and you do not have to worry about disturbing your neighbors or getting a large piece of equipment up the stairs.


Resistance bands are useful for a wide range of people, whether you are just beginning your fitness journey or have physical limitations. People in wheelchairs or those with arthritis in their weight-bearing joints can work their upper body while remaining seated. Resistance bands are often used in rehabilitative capacities. For example, people who are very large and have limited mobility can begin a physical therapy program with the use of resistance bands so they can burn extra calories and begin their road to becoming more mobile. A small amount of resistance is important when rehabilitating from joint replacements or major joint repairs. The bands are not only used in exercises to improve strength in the affected joint but can reduce the production of scar tissue that can hinder recovery and range of motion.


Even people who work out regularly find the versatility of resistance bands makes them ideal to target certain muscle groups or do accessory exercises to promote strength. For example, squats are a common body-weight exercise that can be used for building muscle in the lower body and are an essential part of competitive powerlifting. When you do weighted squats, especially with a bar, your knees want to cave inward (knee valgus collapse) as the weights become heavier. A way to circumvent this issue is to perform unweighted squats with a looped resistance band above the knees. As you squat, push against the resistance band to strengthen your hip abductors. Over time, this muscle group will become stronger and you are less likely to experience knee valgus collapse as the weights become heavier.

Resistance bands are probably the most important piece of equipment anyone can have, whether they are trying to improve functional fitness or are a competitive athlete. Since bands can be found with different levels of resistance and can be used in any number of exercises, it can be difficult to outgrow your bands. To get started, try an option like 10 pack mini loop resistance bands.  

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Resistance bands come in various styles, such as loops or large rolls that allow you to cut off the amount you need, and a range of resistance levels.

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