Advice For Leading Your First Group Exercise Class

If you've recently earned a certification as an exercise instructor, you may soon find yourself leading group exercises at your local gym or community center. Doing so gives you the opportunity to share your enthusiasm for keeping in shape with your students, and this may be instrumental in them discovering a passion for exercise. Whether you're teaching step aerobics, cardio kickboxing, or some other type of exercise class, you want to do all that you're able to make the class memorable for everyone who takes part. Here are some tips for leading this type of class for the first time.

Explain What Each Exercise Does 

Maintaining a high tempo is common during group exercise classes, but you should also endeavor to be informative. Putting a group through its paces with a series of exercises is valuable, but you'll enhance the value of the workout by briefly explaining what each exercise does. This can make your students feel empowered and keener to push themselves physically. For example, in a step aerobics class, you might tell the group members how kicking their knees higher provides more of a challenge, and thus helps to burn more calories.

Circulate To Offer Help

Some exercise instructors stay in front of the class, and that's fine. But, if you notice a student who needs some assistance, you should circulate. You don't necessarily want to make a beeline to and from the student, as he or she may feel centered out. Instead, make your way around the class, stopping next to the student and next to any other people who may need some encouragement, to be physically corrected, or complimented, and then return to your spot in front of the group. Time your walk so that you'll be back in front of everyone when it's time to change exercises.

Vary The Tempos

Unless you're working with a highly experienced group, you won't generally want to maintain a high workout tempo for the entire class. Novice workout enthusiasts may struggle to keep up, and this can leave them feeling discouraged. As you figure out the sequence of exercises that you'll use, make sure that you vary your tempos. A fast and strenuous activity should have a slower, recovery-focused activity immediately behind it so that your students can get a second wind. By using these tips, you'll create an effective and memorable exercise class for your group — and many members will hopefully sign up for another one.

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