Senior Fitness Programs That Help You Stay Active And Fit

You're never too old to begin exercising. However, if it's been years since you've been in a fitness program, then you may need to start slow to avoid injury. Fortunately, there are many fitness workouts geared toward seniors. Here are some you might be interested in doing. 

Stretching Exercises For Flexibility

Stretching exercises are beneficial for seniors because they help you stay limber and improve your balance. If you're sedentary for a long period or if you have pain that limits your mobility, then you can lose some range of motion in your body. That puts you at a higher risk of falling and it also makes it difficult to do daily tasks when you can't bend and reach. Stretching exercises are gentle but effective. As you get stronger and become more flexible, the intensity of the exercises increases, so you can get a good workout at the same time.

Yoga Classes For Stress Reduction

Yoga is an ideal fitness routine for seniors because it can be adapted to your fitness level. It not only helps you become more limber while strengthening your muscles, it also helps you reduce stress. Stress reduction has many health benefits no matter what your age. Yoga is a meditative form of exercise that benefits you physically and emotionally. You can take yoga classes designed for seniors or beginners so you can start slow to prevent strain and injury.

Tai Chi Classes For Gentle Movement

Tai Chi is similar to yoga in that it is a meditative form of exercise. It is a series of very slow and purposeful movements that center your mind for a calming effect while stretching your body into gentle poses. Tai Chi is a good form of exercise for seniors because it isn't physically exerting yet you obtain so many mental and physical benefits such as strengthening core muscles, lowering blood pressure through relaxation, stimulating deep breathing, and improving balance.

Water Exercises For Strength Training

One of the best ways to exercise to prevent injury to your joints is to do it in the water. Water exercises allow you to increase your range of motion since your body is supported by the water. Swimming is good for strength training and aerobic exercise. Doing an exercise routine in the water adds resistance to your movements so your muscles get stronger. Plus, water exercise is fun, and when your fitness routine is fun, you're more likely to stick with it.

You can find fitness programs dedicated to seniors so you work out with others your age, or you can join any class that's available as long as you're fit enough to participate without injury. If you like to push yourself, you might enjoy a spinning class or running on a treadmill. Find a form of exercise you like and start off slow so you can build your strength and endurance. If you have an injury or medical condition, ask your doctor about the best exercise for you so you can avoid injury while improving your health and increasing your activity.

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