3 Reasons Yoga Is Great For Everyone

There are a lot of great forms of exercise that different people seem to love. One form of exercise that is great for everyone is yoga. Yoga has positive benefits for your mind and for your body and it is great for incorporating into any fitness routine. Here are three great reasons why yoga is great for everyone. 

Strengthens Your Core

One awesome reason to do yoga is because it is so good at strengthening your core. It is so important to have a strong core because your core is involved in every single exercise that you do. Whether you are working your upper body or your lower body, it is essential that your core is braced. This protects your back, especially the lower portion of your back that is more prone to arching and getting hurt. Yoga strengthens the front and the back of your core by incorporating moves that involve standing, balancing, and lying on the floor in different positions.

Low Impact 

For someone who is injured or older, it is often best for them to avoid exercises that are high impact. These exercises are much harder on their joints and can cause them unnecessary pain and perhaps injury. Yoga is a great way to increase flexibility and strengthen stabilizer muscles. You may even work up a sweat while doing yoga, because of the high level of concentration that it takes and the stabilizer muscles that you are engaging. However, you usually won't have to worry about hurting your body by doing high-impact moves. 

Moves Can Be Modified

If you aren't flexible enough to do a certain yoga move, then there are likely several different modifications of this move that you can do. For example if you don't have enough balance to stand on one leg, then you can use a pillar or a post for help. Or, if you aren't flexible enough to put your head on your toes, then you simply go as far forward as you can. The great thing about this is that if you continue to go to yoga classes on a regular basis, then your balance will likely improve and your flexibility will increase, so you likely won't have to do the modifications forever. 

Taking yoga is great for everyone because it strengthens your core, it is low impact, and the moves can be modified so that you can do them no matter what stage you are at. 

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