Virtual Weight Loss Coaching: Why This Method Works For Teens

As a parent of a teenager, it is hard to watch them struggle emotionally when they are unhappy with how they look. A teenager who is overweight, unhappy with their body, and ready to make a change may be willing to do what it takes, but traditional weight loss methods often fall short. Thankfully, there is another option in the form of virtual weight loss coaching. Virtual weight loss coaching gives a teen access to a personal trainer via the internet, which can be more preferable than face-to-face interaction. Here is a look at why virtual weight loss coaching works well for teens. 

Teens can be self-conscious about working out in a gym. 

When you sign up for in-person weight loss coaching or personal training, it can be a little intimidating to step into a fitness center for your meetings, even as an adult. For a teen who may struggle with being self-conscious even more than an adult, the idea of online interaction can be much more attractive. With virtual weight loss coaching, your teen will not have to make their way to a crowded fitness center to meet with their coach or trainer, and exercises can be done in the comfort of home. 

Teens can learn from others going through struggles in a way that is safe. 

With many of the online platforms that are set up for weight loss coaching via the internet, there are community rooms where people can share their successes, talk about their struggles, and build each other up. Some of these weight loss communities online even have designated online forums for teens who are part of the program. These kinds of programs in real life are hard to find, especially where there are like-minded teens who are facing the same kinds of challenges as your child. 

Teens can gain access to a full list of tools that would otherwise be expensive to pull together. 

Online weight loss coaching involves a collaborative effort to give users access to multiple facets of losing weight and getting healthy, which can be hard to do in real life without seeing several service provider. The programs include attention to things like:

  • Diet and nutrition
  • Exercise routines that are easy to manage
  • Motivation to keep going

Because the weight loss coaching online puts everything that is needed in one place, it helps retain your child's focus on a program when they may otherwise lose interest. 

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