Hire A Personal Trainer To Help You Reach These Summertime Goals

If you're excited for the arrival of summer because you plan to spend much of your spare time at the beach, you may be thinking about the shape of your body. If you don't exactly have the beach body that you desire, you can make progress toward that goal with the help of a personal trainer. He or she will not only give you the exercises that will help you meet your goal, but will also help you stay accountable as you work to improve your physical health. For men, a handful of goals for beach enthusiasts might be on your wish list. Although progress won't be immediate, your personal trainer can help you achieve these goals.

Firmer Torso

If you have a little flab around your torso, your personal trainer will draft up the workout regimen that will help you burn it off. You can't target specific areas of fat for burning, but a variety of exercises will help you lose weight throughout your body, including from problem areas around your torso, such as your chest, belly, and sides. Aerobic exercise and interval training are effective for burning fat. At the gym, you can use any number of aerobic machines to help create a calorie deficit to burn fat.

Visible Abdominal Muscles

Many men long for visible abs to show off at the beach. Even if you have some fat over your midsection, your personal trainer can help you work toward strengthening your abs through a careful workout regimen. Body-weight exercises such as crunches are valuable for building your abdominal strength, for example. When standard crunches become easy, your personal trainer can add new challenges to this simple exercise by offering resistance. For example, you could hold a weight plate across your chest or wear a weighted vest while you do your crunches.

Muscular Thighs

If you envision wearing shorter swim trunks, muscular thighs may be on your fitness wish list. While the aerobic component of your workout will help you burn away fat from this area, a number of strength-training exercises will help increase the muscle mass of your quadriceps muscles, which are the large thigh muscles. For example, your personal trainer may have you doing weighted squats with a barbell. This exercise can add definition to the quads relatively quickly. It's important to be patient with your workouts; if you carefully follow the plan put in front of you by your trainer, results will be in your future.

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